How to Travel to Nova Scotia With A Canada eTA

Travel to Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a wild and beautiful part of Canada to experience on a trip to the country. However, for many tourists, a Canada eTA will be an essential step to prepare for travel to Halifax, Prince Edward Island or anywhere across this breathtaking region.

The following article explains how visitors should get ready to travel to Nova Scotia with a Canada eTA. It details where to get appropriate visas, the requirements prospective visitors will need to follow as well as which travelers to the region will need travel authorization.

What are the Nova Scotia Visa Requirements?

To get a valid Canada eTA for Nova Scotia applicants must be eligible for this category of travel authorization. In order to be suitable to be granted this visa waiver, visitors must adhere to the following requirements:

  • They must enter Canada via an airport
  • They must have no prior refusals to enter Canada
  • They must hold a valid electronic passport
  • They must not have any infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis
  • They must have no prior convictions for serious damage to people or property

Visitors can use an eTA for short professional visits instead of acquiring a full Nova Scotia business visa. However, in order to work for a Canadian company in the region during a stay, the applicant will also need to apply for a valid work permit in addition to their eTA.

If the registrant is ineligible for an eTA for any reason, they can instead acquire a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). These can either be obtained online or via a paper application. However, the processing time and procedures for this type of visa are often lengthier than with an eTA.

Who Needs a Canada eTA for Nova Scotia

Citizens of over 60 countries with visa exemptions may apply for a Canada eTA. In order to use this type of travel authorization, they must enter the country with a valid passport via one of the many international airports found across the nation.

Holding an eTA is an obligatory step for citizens from visa waiver countries to Canada if arriving by air for a vacation or to transition through one of its airports to another country.

However, dual citizens and people currently holding valid Canada visas do not need an eTA to travel to the country and need only present a relevant passport or their Permanent Resident Card (PR Card).

How Long is a Travel Visa for Nova Scotia Valid For?

Once an eTA has been approved it is valid for 5 years from its date of issue or until the expiry of the holder’s passport (whichever comes first). It may be used multiple times and on arrival to a point of entry in Nova Scotia, it allows a stay in the country of up to 6 months per visit.

Do American Citizens Need a Visa to Go Into Nova Scotia

American citizens do not need a visa or an eTA to enter Canada for tourist purposes. They may enter Nova Scotia via any land, sea or airport entry point with simply a valid US passport. However, US Green Card holders will need a Canada eTA in order to cross the border into the country.

Entry Points into Nova Scotia

Visitors traveling with an eTA to Nova Scotia will need to enter the country via one of the region’s international airports. These destinations are:

  • Halifax Stanfield International airport
  • Yarmouth International airport

It is not possible for cruise passengers or those traveling by ferry or bus to enter Nova Scotia from abroad with an eTA (check the eTA requirements for the Canadian cruises for more information). However, it is also possible to enter Canada from a different regional airport and then enter Nova Scotia either through a connecting flight or via other forms of public transit.

How to Obtain a Canada Visa for Nova Scotia

A Canada eTA can be acquired online via a web application form prior to a visit to the country’s Eastern regions. In order to register prospective tourists will need to complete the following steps:

  • Fill in in the online application
  • Submit supporting identifying documents
  • Provide a registered email address
  • Pay a visa processing fee

Once an application for an eTA has been submitted it can be approved within 24 hours. It will then be automatically linked to the e-passport and confirmation will be sent to the registered email address provided during the registration process and printed off for presentation on arrival

A Canadian eTA is an essential step to consider before booking flights to a destination in Nova Scotia. However, by planning ahead and registering online with plenty of time before departure, tourists can enjoy a smooth and trouble-free journey to this alluring location.


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