eTA for a Canadian cruise ships

eTA For Canadian Cruises

Cruises along the Canadian coasts are fantastic experiences. Many visitors come to sail around the Maritime Provinces or explore the Arctic regions by cruise ship. A common question is whether you need a Canada eTA for a cruise. The Canada Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is needed by visitors of many different nationalities if they wish […]

canadian language and culture

The Culture and Languages of Canada

Canada is a multicultural nation. Its customs come from its various cultures and rich history, from its indigenous First Nations to the French and British colonies that marked the beginning of the country as we know it. Canadian culture is a melting pot of all of these factors, sharing similarities with the UK, France, and […]

What Is a Canadian Invitation Letter?

In some cases, a letter of invitation is required as part of the visa application for Canada. This is a letter written by somebody who already lives in Canada, who essentially vouches for the would-be visitor. A Canadian invitation letter strengthens a visa application, whether the traveler is applying for a business visa or a Canadian […]

Travel to Nova Scotia

How to Travel to Nova Scotia With A Canada eTA

Nova Scotia is a wild and beautiful part of Canada to experience on a trip to the country. However, for many tourists, a Canada eTA will be an essential step to prepare for travel to Halifax, Prince Edward Island or anywhere across this breathtaking region. The following article explains how visitors should get ready to […]

canada visa for Dual Nationality

Canadian eTA for Travelers With Dual Citizenship

The eTA or Electronic Travel Authorization for Canada is mandatory for nationals of 60 countries and territories traveling to the “Great White North”. Frequently asked questions include whether Canadian citizens need an eTA to enter Canada, particularly those with dual citizenship. This brief guide will clear up any confusion as to what a Canadian with […]

Apply for ETA for Study

Studying in Canada with the eTA: Everything You Need to Know

World-class universities, a tolerant society, high living standards, and magnificent landscapes make Canada one of the most attractive countries for students. However, when planning to study in Canada it is important to consider what type of documentation you need to enter the country. There are 2 types of documents which students might need to be […]

Canadian Christmas travel

Travel to Canada at Christmas: Information and Advice for Foreigners

Christmas is a magical time of the year for children and adults in most Western countries. And if you enjoy a white Christmas, traveling to Canada might just be the best idea for your winter holidays. In fact, Christmas is considered one of the peak times for tourism in Canada. Like in most Western countries, […]

Calgary Travel Plans with eTA

Travel to Calgary with the eTA

Calgary is an incredible city to visit. It’s undeniable beauty, cool restaurant and bar scene, welcoming people, and fascinating points of interest mean there is plenty to see and do. Getting to Calgary is now easier than ever with the eTA visa waiver, as many nationalities no longer need to visit an embassy to apply […]

visa to travel to montreal

Montreal Travel Guide

A trip to Canada isn’t truly complete without visiting Montreal, Quebec’s biggest city, and one of the country’s cultural capitals. This is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer visitors from abroad with its fusion of both European and North American cultures. There is, of course, a lot to see and do in […]

International Boundary USA-Canada Border Crossing

Entering Canada Through a US Border Crossing

The USA’s friendly neighbor to the North is a popular destination for foreign tourists during a trip to the States. Whilst Canada quite rightfully has a less imposing reputation for its border crossing procedure there are few considerations that prospective international visitors should keep in mind when entering Canada through a US border crossing. To […]