visa to travel to montreal

Montreal Travel Guide

A trip to Canada isn’t truly complete without visiting Montreal, Quebec’s biggest city, and one of the country’s cultural capitals. This is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer visitors from abroad with its fusion of both European and North American cultures. There is, of course, a lot to see and do in […]

International Boundary USA-Canada Border Crossing

Entering Canada Through a US Border Crossing

The USA’s friendly neighbor to the North is a popular destination for foreign tourists during a trip to the States. Whilst Canada quite rightfully has a less imposing reputation for its border crossing procedure there are few considerations that prospective international visitors should keep in mind when entering Canada through a US border crossing. To […]

the weather in canada

What Is the Best Time to Visit Canada?

Canada is a stunning travel destination, beautiful any time of year. There are periods when you will be able to make the most out of your visit, but weather should not be the only factor travelers should think about. While the climate is important, foreign visitors should also bear in mind accommodation prices, activities, and […]

the canadian

The Canadian Train Travel Information

Canada is the second-largest country in the world after Russia, so those who wish to discover everything Canada has to offer have quite a challenge on their hands. However, it is possible to see a large chunk of the country by train, and Canada train vacations are becoming an increasingly popular option for travelers to […]

canada custom requirements

Navigating Canada’s Customs Requirements

Crossing the border into any country as a foreign tourist requires following the correct customs and security rules and Canada is no exception. As with any foreign trip, visitors planning a vacation to the country should come ready to adhere to Canada’s customs requirements and carrying the right identity documents. Of course, every country has […]

green-card golders applying for an eta

Canadian ETA for Green Card Holders

In order to visit Canada, all foreign citizens are required to obtain some type of travel document that will authorize them to travel to the country. Since 2016, visa exempt nationalities have been required to register for a Canada eTA online if traveling by air. The Canadian eTA determines the eligibility of people who wish […]

documents required to get a canadian tourist visa

What Documents Are Required to get a Canada Tourist Visa?

Set in North America, Canada is a vast beautiful country that welcomes millions of foreign visitors each year. In 2016, the country introduced the Canada electronic travel authorization system, eTA, for citizens of 60 countries. Tourists who wish to visit Canada for tourism purposes can either obtain the Canada eTA or can apply for a […]

otawa, the capital city of canada

Ottawa: Canada’s Capital City

Canada is a picturesque country with a multitude of large, cosmopolitan cities. That is probably the reason why travelers wondering which of them is the capital of Canada usually have cities such as Toronto, Montreal, or Quebec come to mind first. Neither of those is the capital of Canada, though. What Is the Capital City […]

canada eta with criminal record

How to get a Canadian eTA with a criminal record

Canada launched their Electronic Travel Authorization system in 2015, and since then, foreign nationals of 60 countries are able to easily obtain their Canadian eTA to visit the country. Whether a traveler with a criminal record can get an eTA to travel to Canada will depend greatly on the type of conviction, when did it […]