Money to take to Canada

Money and Costs in Canada

When planning an overseas trip, one of the principal considerations for travelers is how much money they will require. From accommodation and food to transport and entertainment, there are many elements to consider. Luckily, vacations in Canada can be tailored to meet every budget. From low-cost guesthouses and inexpensive eateries to the most luxurious hotels […]

Canada and USA border

Questions and Declarations at the Canadian Border

Every traveler arriving into a Canadian airport must meet Canada’s customs requirements and make a truthful declaration at the border. It is important for visitors to answer all questions in an honest manner and report goods such as food, plant and animal products. To make the process as smooth and quick as possible, travelers are […]

Canada Travel Restrictions

Canada Travel Restrictions and Travel Advisories

Canada’s coronavirus cases number in the low hundreds. Nevertheless, in the interests of public safety, the Federal Government has started to impose travel restrictions to halt further spread of COVID-19. This article examines Canada’s restrictions on those arriving from international destinations. It also considers how visitors should prepare to safely travel to Canada amid the […]

Canadian Flag

Canada eTA Processing Now Faster Than Ever

For citizens of eligible countries, the Electronic Travel Authorization provides efficient and hassle-free access to Canada. The eTA is a mandatory document for visitors from 60 visa-exempt countries arriving by air. Since the introduction of the program in 2015, foreigners from these nations have been required to obtain the Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization in order […]

Tadoussac fjord water

A Travel Guide to the Fjords of Canada

Fjords are long, narrow creeks with steep sides created by glacial erosion across successive ice ages. Canada has many breathtaking fjords to visit, distributed on the eastern, western and northern coasts of the country. Some Canadian fjords serve a practical purpose, acting as commercial shipping lanes leading to the surrounding oceans, whilst the beauty of […]

visa at the Canadian embassy or consulate

Who needs to go to an embassy to travel to Canada?

Citizens of 60 visa-exempt countries are not required to attend a Canadian embassy or consulate to travel to Canada. Instead, foreign nationals from these countries should apply online for the Canada Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) which was introduced in August 2015. In addition to the country of origin, whether or not a traveler is required […]

Aurora Borealis in Canada

Aurora Borealis: Where to See the Northern Lights in Canada

Canada is one of the best places to see the northern lights, or aurora borealis. One of the great wonders of nature, the spectacular light displays of the aurora can be seen mainly from high-latitude regions of the planet, closer to the north pole. Large areas of Canada’s northern territories fall within the Arctic Circle, […]

eTA for a Canadian cruise ships

eTA For Canadian Cruises

Cruises along the Canadian coasts are fantastic experiences. Many visitors come to sail around the Maritime Provinces or explore the Arctic regions by cruise ship. A common question is whether you need a Canada eTA for a cruise. The Canada Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is needed by visitors of many different nationalities if they wish […]

canadian language and culture

The Culture and Languages of Canada

Canada is a multicultural nation. Its customs come from its various cultures and rich history, from its indigenous First Nations to the French and British colonies that marked the beginning of the country as we know it. Canadian culture is a melting pot of all of these factors, sharing similarities with the UK, France, and […]

What Is a Canadian Invitation Letter?

In some cases, a letter of invitation is required as part of the visa application for Canada. This is a letter written by somebody who already lives in Canada, who essentially vouches for the would-be visitor. A Canadian invitation letter strengthens a visa application, whether the traveler is applying for a business visa or a Canadian […]