Canada eTA FAQs

Main Questions About Canada eTA

Consult the FAQs below for quick answers to all your Canada eTA questions. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions amongst travelers applying for an eTA for Canada so you can find all the key information in one place.

Although simple to obtain, doubts can arise at any point during the Canada eTA application process. The frequently asked questions on this page cover all the most common concerns from the initial application right through to receiving the approved travel authorization.

Get answers to your Canada eTA application questions and advice for successfully completing the electronic application form. In addition, you can find out how much the Canada travel authorization costs before submitting your request.

In the unlikely event that your Canada eTA request is refused, the FAQ regarding eTA rejection can help you understand the reasons why your application was unsuccessful and take you through the next steps.

If you’ve already received your travel authorization and you’re not sure what you need to do next, check the frequently asked question about printing a Canada eTA. You can also find out how long your Canada eTA is valid for and whether it’s possible to extend the permit if you need more time in the country.

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General FAQs

Canada’s electronic travel authorization is a mandatory entry requirement for citizens of visa-exempt nations. Conveniently, the eTA process is fully online. Unlike when requesting a visa, there is no need to attend an embassy or consulate to present paperwork. Instead, the Canada eTA application form and all supporting documents are submitted digitally. In addition, once… [Read More]

The eTA Canada is an Electronic Travel Authorization for which Canada visa-exempt citizens (excluding the United States) are required to apply to visit Canada. The Canada eTA was implemented by the Canadian Government in order to pre-screen travelers and determine their eligibility to enter the country, with the aim of strengthening border security. It is… [Read More]


Application FAQs

The Canadian electronic travel authorization, otherwise known as eTA Canada, is a mandatory entry requirement to visit Canada. The Canadian eTA is mandatory for visa-exempt citizens excluding US passport holders. The Canadian eTA is valid for a total of 5 years counting from the date of its approval or when the passport expires, whichever occurs… [Read More]
When applying for travel authorizations online, there are sometimes rare cases where your authorization such as eTA Canada is denied. In the event that this happens or has happened to you, have a read through the following information to understand more about why your application for a Canadian eTA was refused and what you can… [Read More]


Payment FAQs

Many travelers make small errors in their application, which have a negative impact when the system processes the information provided. Small errors or discrepancies on the application can result in delays or the denial of the eTA. Additionally, if the traveler needs to complete a new application, they will have to pay again before submitting…[Read More]


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