How Much Does eTA Canada Cost?

Many travelers make small errors in their application, which have a negative impact when the system processes the information provided. Small errors or discrepancies on the application can result in delays or the denial of the eTA. Additionally, if the traveler needs to complete a new application, they will have to pay again before submitting a new eTA form.

In order to obtain an eTA to Canada it is necessary to have a valid passport, a debit or credit card, and an email address. It is very important to fill out all the required fields and correctly answer each section.

Cost of the electronic travel authorization for Canada

The cost of the eTA Canada was determined by the immigration authorities and the Canadian government. The price of the eTA Canada covers the cost of maintenance of the electronic system and other expenses that the implementation of this system entails.

Each time the Canadian eTA is requested, the respective fee must be paid. An eTA Canada can only be requested and paid for one person at a time. If errors have been made in the application or if any of the mandatory requirements are not met, the eTA will not be approved and it will be necessary to start a new eTA application.

Those in a rush to obtain an eTA are able to use the new urgent processing service to receive an approved eTA Canada within 1 hour, by selecting ‘Urgent Guaranteed Processing’ when paying the eTA fees.

How much does an eTA for Canada cost?

Many travelers choose to apply for their Canadian eTA through specialized online immigration agencies. In order to avoid delays or even possible rejections, travelers rely on these professional platforms that offer their services for an additional cost. These agencies have a team that reviews the information provided by the traveler and guarantee an error-free application. The agencies that offer specialized services to process the eTA usually charge from USD 50 to USD 100 (with government fees and error correction included).

Access to eTA Application Form

Available payment methods to apply for the Canada eTA

The eTA application will only be submitted if the payment of the eTA fee has been made and processed correctly. The most common payment method in our platform is the debit or credit card, among them, MasterCard, Visa or American Express can be used.

If the traveler who is applying for the eTA experiences a problem during the application process or with the payment of the eTA Canada fee, he can contact the agency with which he has contracted the service to resolve any incident or problem.