How Can I Extend or Renew my Canada eTA?

The Canadian electronic travel authorization, otherwise known as eTA Canada, is a mandatory entry requirement to visit Canada. The Canadian eTA is mandatory for visa-exempt citizens excluding US passport holders.

The Canadian eTA is valid for a total of 5 years counting from the date of its approval or when the passport expires, whichever occurs first.

Eligible citizens with an approved Canada online visa waiver often wonder whether their eTA Canada can be renewed or extended and how to proceed once the time comes.

Is It Possible to Renew a Canadian eTA?

Foreign nationals from designated countries may be looking to renew their Canadian eTA for either of the following reasons:

  • Expired Canadian eTA: The eTA Canada was approved more than 5 years after its issuance date.
  • Expired passport: The eTA Canada was still within its 5-year validity period, however, the foreign citizen’s passport has expired, or, is scheduled to expire during this time frame.
  • Renounced citizenship: The foreign citizen is now the holder of a new passport from a different country, and has renounced the citizenship that the eTA Canada was originally issued for.

The recommended procedure in order for eligible foreign passport holders to regain entry into Canada differs very slightly in each of the previous cases.

Canada eTA Expires While Passport Is Still Valid

Canadian immigration authorities do not currently offer travelers the possibility of extending a previously approved eTA Canada past its expiry date. They do not offer previous eTA grantees the opportunity to renew their authorization either.

At this time, foreign travelers wishing to visit Canada once their eTA’s valid period has run out will be required to send in a new application form for a Canadian electronic travel authorization. Fortunately, the procedure is quick and straightforward.

Passport Expires While Canada eTA Is Still Valid

Citizens still within the 5 year period for which eTA Canada has been originally approved whose passports have expired within this window, are required to get a new passport issued first.

Citizens whose passport is scheduled to expire before the eTA Canada has finished its 5-year validness may wish to renew their passport early.

There is no need to wait for your current passport to expire. It is advisable, however, to request a replacement passport from your nation’s authorities a couple of months before the current passport’s expiration date, considering how lengthy a process passport issuance is in most countries.

The eTA Canada is electronically linked to a citizen’s passport. Therefore, when the passport associated with your eTA expires, the Canadian electronic authorization is automatically rendered null.

Once you have your new valid passport issued, you will need to apply for a new eTA Canada. Passport holders from eligible countries may do so online, which is remarkably fast and simple. The eTA application takes a few minutes at most, and is usually approved within 24 hours.

Passport Associated to Canada eTA Cancelled Due to Citizenship Renunciation

Citizens who now have been granted a new nationality, and are holding a different passport than the one submitted during their original eTA application will need to apply for a new Canadian eVisa.

In the event that the foreign national has had to renounce to their nationality in favor of their new citizenship, the old passport associated to their eTA Canada would no longer be valid.

The new authorization should be issued by submitting the current passport in the event that the one from the citizen’s prior nationality has become void. Passport holders in this situation are advised to check the Canadian eTA eligible citizens for their new nationality.

How to Avoid Reapplying for eTA Canada

Since the Canadian eTA is approved for a full 5 years, eligible citizens applying for the online authorization are advised to submit a passport with 5 years remaining validity prior to its expiry date.

Although this is not a formal requirement, it will enable citizens granted with an eTA Canada to make the most of their application for the full 5-year period. This will ensure the eligible citizen will avoid losing their Canadian eTA should their passport expire during the eTA validity time frame.