What Happens if my eTA is Refused?

When applying for travel authorizations online, there are sometimes rare cases where your authorization such as eTA Canada is denied. In the event that this happens or has happened to you, have a read through the following information to understand more about why your application for a Canadian eTA was refused and what you can do.

Reasons for Canadian eTA Refusal

Despite being granted any form of travel authorization, when you arrive at border control or immigration authorities of any country, you can still be denied entry to a country. Immigration authorities have the right to deny entry to any traveler they feel poses a threat, has previous criminal offenses or other security reasons. Read through the following list of reasons as to why your eTA Canada may have been denied:

  • Court conviction or criminal offense
  • Human rights violation
  • Security breaches and/or other security reasons
  • State of health and/or other health reasons
  • Lacks of funds or failure to support oneself financially
  • False information
  • Organized crime such as money laundering or human trafficking
  • Relationships with one or more people who are inadmissible in Canada

Other reasons for an eTA Canada being denied include:

  • Incorrect information provided
  • Spelling errors that cause information to mismatch
  • False information

It is crucial to re-read your application prior to submitting it to avoid making any mistakes which could slow down the application process or risk causing your Canadian eTA to be denied.

My Application for an eTA Was Refused. What Can I Do?

In the event that your Canadian eTA has been refused and it is due to one of the aforementioned reasons listed above, there may be little that the applicant is able to do in order to resolve the situation. However, if you are unable to obtain a travel authorization subject to the same legislation, it may still be possible to apply for other types of visa, travel authorization or travel status.

Those who are unsure as to why their application has been denied can double-check their Canada eTA application form to ensure that all details provided were submitted correctly without spelling errors or false information.

Changes to your travel plans such as a different planned length of stay or fixing a simple error in the system such as incorrect information can resolve your Canada eTA complication. Applicants who have been unsuccessful applying for a Canadian eTA should note that it may be possible to continue with travel plans by applying for a traditional visa. This depends on the original reasons for refusal.

Please note: Those who wish to apply for a Canadian visa as opposed to an eTA should bear in mind that the process of applying for a Canadian visa can take longer. It is recommended that visa applicants apply with plenty of time in advance.

For further help with your travel authorization application to Canada, travelers can also seek help at their nearest Canadian embassy or consulate.

My ETA for Canada Was Approved but I Cannot Find It

If you are unable to find or recover your Canadian eTA email confirmation, make sure that you have checked both your spam and bin folders. It is often easy to archive emails in the incorrect folders as well, therefore if you have other email folders, it may be worth checking those in addition.

The best way to avoid misplacing the Canada eTA confirmation email is by “starring” the email or printing out the eTA immediately once you receive it. If you are traveling with others, you may wish to send each other your travel authorizations to ensure that someone traveling with you always has a copy.