Check the Status of your Canadian eTA

Apply for Canada eTA

Once an eligible traveller has submitted an eTA application form, they can check the status of their Canadian eTA at any point. This can be done using the reference number and details provided following the submission of an eTA application form.

The eTA Canada is an electronic travel authorization for nationals of 60 countries. Applying for the eTA to visit Canada is a simple process that can be completed online in under 15 minutes.

The eTA form requires applicants to provide some essential personal details, such as their full name, date and place of birth, gender and citizenship. It is also necessary to enter their passport information and answer a series of security questions.

Once payment for the eTA has been made and the application is submitted, registrants will receive an email confirmation containing a unique user reference number. This and some of the details used to complete the online form (such as passport data) can be used to check the status of an application.

Why should I check the status of my Canadian eTA?

A valid eTA or a valid visa is needed upon arrival in Canada. Foreign nationals who are eligible for the Canadian eTA only need to present their passport at the port of entry.

This is because the eTA is electronically linked to the applicant’s passport after approval. Travellers may also print a copy of the eTA to use for extra peace of mind when going through immigration.

However, to ensure that passengers can enter the country successfully they must be sure that their eTA is fully approved and valid. It is therefore important to check that the authorization is fully valid before departing for Canada.

This is easy to do online and offers passengers security and certainty that their trip will be able to progress as planned.

How can I check the status of my ETA for Canada?

Whenever a person fills out and submits an eTA application, they will receive an email notifying them that the application has been received. Users that have applied through our platform for an eTA to Canada, can check their inbox to look for the confirmation email, where they will also find the reference number of their application.

Applicants that have used this platform to submit an eTA application may complete the contact form to learn about the status of their visa waiver.

Verify the status of your ETA for Canada

Once a prospective traveller has applied for an eTA online, they will be able to check the status of their Canadian travel authorization.

Eligible travellers are recommended to apply for their Canadian eTA at least 72 hours prior to their departure date to the country. While most applications are processed quicker than this, in some cases an application might take longer to process or to verify the applicant’s data.

Those who urgently need to obtain an eTA to travel to Canada are now able to select a rush processing option that guarantees the eTA will be processed in under an hour.

Once the submission of an eTA application is completed it is advised to wait at least 24 hours before checking its status. If after an application the status of an eTA registered through this platform displays as “not found”, please wait a couple of hours before checking again.

Submit a New Application

When an applicant has successfully registered and been approved for an eTA they will receive an email confirming this information. This message will contain all the essential details about the newly approved visa waiver including:

  • The name of its holder
  • The passport number associated with the eTA
  • The eTA number
  • The eTAs expiry date

This email can be consulted by the traveller at any time or kept as a printed copy for their records. However, if these cannot be found, visa waiver holders can also find out the expiry date of their eTA by checking its status using the submission form further up this page.

An approved Canada eTA may grant the holder a stay of up to six months in the country. When an applicant receives their eTA for Canada, the authorization will be valid for a period of up to 5 years or when the passport expires, whichever occurs first. If an eTA has expired, travellers will need to submit a new application.

In most cases, visitors to Canada with a valid eTA will not need to reapply until their visa waiver reaches its natural expiry date. However, if the passport used to register for the eTA is lost/stolen or expires before the expiry of the visa waiver itself, then it will be necessary to reapply.

A Canada eTA is only registered to one specific travel document such as a passport. Once it expires it also renders the eTA invalid as well. For this reason, it is absolutely essential to only travel to Canada with the correctly registered, valid passport used during the application for an eTA.