Canada eTA Requirements for Vatican City

Apply for eTA from the Vatican (Holy See)

Canada is well known not only because of its forests and syrup but also because of its cosmopolitan cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal. The cultural diversity between the English-speaking region and the French one is also an attractive point that invites year per year more tourists, including citizens of the Vatican City.

This is why the government of Canada created a visa waiver program known as Canada eTA, which allows nationals from several countries to obtain a travel authorization online without the need to visit a Canadian embassy or consulate.

Since 2017, Canada has improved its IT border control systems to connect the passports with the eTA number and Vatican citizens are enable for obtaining this Canadian visa waiver.

It is a mandatory requirement for Vatican nationals to get an eTA in order to enter Canada, but it is not required to print the visa before arriving as it is directly linked with the biometric passport.

Do Vatican Citizens Need a Visa Waiver for Canada?

Vatican nationals must have an eTA before traveling to Canada. It is a requirement to be in possession of an electronic visa waiver when flying into the country. In case Vatican travelers arrive in Canada by sea or land, the eTA is not allowed, and they would have to get an actual Canada visa of some sort.

Vatican City is one of the more than 50 eligible countries that can apply for an online form in order to require this visa waiver. Holding a Holy See passport allows Vatican nationals to require an electronic visa waiver to Canada.

eTA Canada allows travelers to visit the country for tourism, transit, or business purposes. For other reasons like study or work, a different type of visa will be required.

Canada eTA Visa Documents Needed From Vatican Citizens

Asking for an eTA does not require a lot of documentation from nationals of the Vatican City. It is only necessary to have a valid passport with at least 6 months expiration date from the day of travel and a valid email address.

All the electronic visa waiver requirements for Canada are validated by the government. In case the state officers need more documents, Vatican City travelers will be required to submit them on the online application via email. All documents required must be usually submitted in PDF or JPG formats.

A Canadian eTA is a multiple-entry visa for 5 years. That means the eTA visa waiver owners can enter Canada at different times during 5 consecutive years, or until the expiration date of the Vatican passport, as the eTA number is linked to the passport number.

Each time Vatican visitors arrive in Canada with an eTA, they can stay up to 6 consecutive months in the country. When arriving, an agent border control will stamp on the passport the date for leaving Canada.

In case Vatican nationals want to extend the Canada eTA visa waiver, they will need to request an extension at least 30 days before the original leaving date. The eTA is automatically issued when the Canadian government approves the permit.

How to Get a Canadian Visa Waiver From Vatican City?

The application form to get the Canadian visa waiver is simple and it does not require more than a few minutes and the following basic conditions:

  • To have access to the internet
  • To use an electronic device such as a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone to complete the application
  • To own a valid credit/debit card with funds to pay the processing fee
  • To provide an active email address where the Canada eTA document will be sent

Once Vatican applicants have fitted all the personal information required, such as complete name, place of birth, passport number, and current address, it will be asked the payment of the visa fee.

It normally takes 24 hours to get the visa waiver for Canada via email. In case it is necessary more time, an update will be sent at the Vatican applicant’s email address.

Holy See or Vatican passports with biometric information will be linked to the Canada eTA number directly, which means the visa waiver document will not require to be printed.

Traveling From Rome to Canada: Travel Advice

Canada is a safe and beautiful country with good flight connections around the world. No vaccine checks are needed for Vatican nationals to arrive in Canada.

Perhaps the most important points to keep in mind are the weather forecast and the goods declarations if tourists arrive by land or by sea.

Canada has North-continent weather, and the proximity with the U.S and Alaska makes that country a land of eventual tornados or even ice storms. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check the best time to visit Canada before planning a trip, as well as revising the forecast at least one or two days in advance.

Regarding the goods declaration, it is very usual that visitors of the Vatican City come to Canada after being in the U.S. crossing the frontier between both countries, and it will be necessary to check how many things travelers carry and the value of them in order to know which goods must be declared.

Canada is also known as a friendly and multicultural country. Roman Catholics are the largest religious groups, but it also exists communities practicing Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, and even Buddhism. Bilingualism in English and French is also a Canadian peculiarity.