Canada eTA for Romanians

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Citizens of 60 countries around the world, including Romania, are eligible to obtain a Canadian eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) for shorter visits to Canada.

The eTA for Romanian nationals can be used for travel by air to any Canadian international airport. Hence, there is no need to apply for this travel permit when crossing the land border or arriving by sea. In this case, visitors are only required to have a valid passport or another travel document.

The Canadian eTA was introduced in 2015 in order to simplify the assessment of visa-exempt foreign visitors, which applies to Romanians also, and to determine their right to enter the country before they travel. This new system has also significantly reduced wait lines at the Canadian border.

Do I Need a Visa for Canada From Romania?

Romanian citizens who wish to travel to Canada for short tourist stays, business, medical treatments or consultations, or are transiting the country en route to their final destination, are eligible to apply for an eTA online. Once they have received this electronic document, they can travel to Canada visa free.

Romanian nationals who intend to work, study, or live in Canada need to obtain a visa for Canada, such as visitor visa or work permit, depending on the purpose of their travel. To apply for any of these types of visas, Romanians are required to visit the Canadian Embassy in the capital of Bucharest.

Canadian Online Travel Permit: What Do Romanians Need

Romanian citizens applying for an eTA for Canada from Romania must meet a number of terms and conditions, also known as travel authorization requirements, including:

  • A stable internet connection, since the application is done online on a tablet, mobile phone, or a computer
  • A valid Romanian passport issued after December 1, 2017
  • An unexpired credit card or debit card for the eTA fee payment
  • An active email address to receive all correspondence relevant to the eTA application and authorization

In addition, there is a minimum age requirement. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to apply for a Canadian eTA. Parents of children under the age of 18 have to apply on their behalf.

One of the latest Canada visa requirements for Romania includes a new entry rule. Everyone who has a non-electronic passport must obtain a valid visa to travel to Canada from Romania. Therefore, only holders of an electronic passport can enter the country visa-free and are eligible to apply for an eTA Canada.

Apply for an eTA Canada From Romania

Applying for a Canadian eTA is a fast and simple process. Romanian candidates can easily access the application form through the Canada Online Visa website.

Applicants are asked to supply several personal details such as name, date of birth, occupation, and contact information, as well as basic passport data including the passport number and dates of issue and expiry.

Finally, there are several health-related and security-related questions that need to be answered in the application form.

Romanian applicants can then proceed to the payment of the Canadian eTA processing fee and confirm that all the information is correct before submitting the application. Even small errors in the application can have a negative impact on processing the information and can result in delays or the denial of the eTA.

It is therefore important to always carefully double-check that all the details provided are correct and correspond to the information in the passport. Travelers who need to complete another application due to errors, have to pay a new eTA fee before submitting the form.

The eTA processing time is 1 business day and, in most cases, applicants will obtain a response in a matter of minutes. Travelers are encouraged to submit the eTA application at least 3 days before traveling in case there are any delays.

Important: The eTA Canada is automatically added to the applicant’s passport, therefore, there is no need to print the document.

Canadian eTA allows a maximum stay of 3 months in Canada, while its total validity is 5 years from the date of the issue.

Romanian passport holders who wish to enter the country multiple times during that period can do so without having to apply for a new authorization. Those who already have an eTA authorization from before can check the validity of their eTA Canada any time through the eTA check status online tool.

Note that the eTA for Canada cannot be extended. Travelers who wish to remain in Canada after the electronic travel authorization expires must submit a new Canada eTA application from outside the country at least 30 days in advance.

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