eTA Canada for Mexican Citizens

Apply for an eTA

Citizens of over 60 countries can apply online for the Canadian eTA. Citizens with a Mexican passport are eligible for the eTA Canada since December 1st, 2016. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lifted the short-term tourist visa requirements for Mexican nationals in an effort to strengthen bilateral relations between Canada and Mexico.

Spanning over 75 years, Canada and Mexico have a strong and multi-faceted relationship. The government of Canada is committed to expanding relations with Mexico, and making the eTA Canada available to Mexican citizens is part of this commitment.

What is the eTA Canada?

The Canadian eTA is a travel authorization that grants its holders entry to the country for short-term stays. The eTA Canada is a visa waiver that is available for nationals of sixty countries including Mexico.

The eTA for Canada can be easily obtained through an online application form. Eligible travelers are able to complete the Canada eTA application form for their travel authorization. The process of getting the eTA is straightforward and quick.

Mexican travelers who wish to travel to Canada for tourism, business or transit purposes can apply for the eTA Canada. Once approved, citizens of Mexico can travel to and within Canada for stays of up to 60 days.

Mexican nationals can apply for the eTA Canada

Applying for a Canadian eTA is a much simpler process than applying for a consular visa. In the past, Mexicans needed to go to a Canadian embassy or consulate to apply for the tourist visa. They had to gather additional documents and make an appointment. Getting the eTA Canada is a faster process as it can be done online in a matter of minutes.

Mexican citizens will need to complete an online eTA application with their personal details and passport information. Applicants must provide the following:

  • Full name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Sex
  • Marital status
  • Country of citizenship
  • Contact information

Each applicant is required to provide their passport number as well as the passport expiration or issuing date. It is essential that the passport is valid when filling out the form. Holders of a valid eTA must travel with the passport used to complete the application.

Mexican travelers are advised to carefully complete their application. Any error may cause a delay of the application or even a rejection. All data provided must match the details on the passport.

When completing the eTA, applicants must also answer a few security questions regarding their criminal history and their health. All questions must be answered, as they are mandatory.

eTA Canada requirements for Mexican citizens

In order to apply for the eTA Canada, Mexican citizens must meet a series of requirements, which are:

  • Having a valid passport
  • An email address
  • A debit or credit card
Apply for an eTA

If the traveler meets these three main requirements, they will be able to successfully complete their eTA form. The email address is necessary so that the applicant can receive notifications about the status of their eTA. The debit or credit card are a requirement as the eTA carries a cost. Even though the majority of applications are processed in a few minutes, applicants are still advised to apply for their eTA at least 72 hours before their expected date of departure.

Upon arrival in Canada the passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay. However, travelers must bear in mind that once approved, the eTA is valid for a period of 5 consecutive years. If the passport expires before the eTA, the traveler will need to obtain a new eTA with a valid passport.

All foreign visitors must go through immigration control. Whether a traveler is allowed entry to Canada or not will be determined by the Canadian immigration authorities.