Canada eTA for German Citizens

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Canada is quickly becoming a popular country for travelers from Europe, and especially Germany. Currently, German citizens make up the fifth biggest group of tourists who visit Canada every year.

However, it’s important to note that all German citizens are required to obtain an electronic travel authorization, or eTA to enter Canada.

In 2016, the Canadian government introduced the eTA for Canada for German citizens, an electronic travel authorization available through a simple online application, which eliminates the need to apply in person from an embassy or consulate.

On this page you will find a complete guide to applying for a Canadian tourist visa waiver online from Germany, and what requirements an applicant must meet to submit an online form.

Do German Citizens Need a Visa for Canada?

All travelers with a German passport need to have a visa or visa waiver before they can legally be allowed to enter Canada.

Thanks to a recent initiative by the Canadian government, is it now easier than ever to obtain a visa waiver to visit Canada through the online eTA application, which eliminates the need to apply for a visa in person from a Canadian diplomatic office.

An approved eTA Canada for German citizens is a multiple entry travel authorization which allow the holder to spend up to a total of 180 days with each entry.

Citizens from Germany are required to complete an eTA application before they board an aircraft heading to Canada, to receive an approved travel authorization electronically linked to their passport.

Canada ETA Requirements for German Passport Holders

Travelers looking to obtain a Canada visa for German citizens need to be aware of a handful of requirements before they can be approved for an eTA. These requirements include but are not limited to the following:

  • A valid passport – All German citizens must have a valid German passport, with at least 6 months’ validity, in order to get a Canadian eTA visa. The passport must also be an e-passport (also known as a biometric passport) and must be machine-readable
  • Personal information – While filling out the application, all German travelers will need to provide information about themselves such as personal information (address, contact information), their occupation and employment, information about their passport, and their travel details/itinerary
  • Phone, tablet, or computer – In order to fill out the application, travelers will need a device with internet access, such as a phone, tablet, or computer
  • A valid form of payment – Travelers will need a valid form of payment, such as a debit or credit card, to pay the eTA application fees

Once an electronic authorization to Canada is granted, it is automatically linked to the traveler’s passport. The Canadian eTA is valid for 5 years or until the associated passport expires (whichever comes first).

Therefore, travelers do not need to reapply for the eTA every time they plan to visit Canada: it is good for multiple entries as long as they are under 180 days in duration.

How to Apply for an ETA From Germany

Getting a Canada visa for German passport holders is quick, simple, and takes less than 30 minutes of your time.

Travelers can take the first step to obtaining their Canadian eTA by starting an online application. On the application, they will need to fill out information about themselves that includes their full name, date of birth, contact details (such as their address and personal email), employment history, and a basic overview of their travel itinerary.

After the application is ready, travelers will need to pay the eTA fee and wait. Travelers can expect to receive a decision within a few minutes, although some eTA requests can take several days to process due to demand or other factors.

Once your electronic authorization to Canada is granted, it is automatically linked to your passport. The Canadian eTA is valid for five years or until your passport expires (whichever comes first). The best part about the Canadian eTA is that travelers do not need to reapply for the eTA every time they plan to visit Canada: it is good for multiple entries as long as they are under 90 days in duration. Likewise, we recommend applying for your Canadian eTA visa at least 72 hours (3 days) in advance so that there is enough time to process and approve it.

Those who are traveling to Canada within the next 24 hours and urgently need an eTA from Germany are advised to select ‘‘Urgent Guaranteed Processing within 1 hour’ when paying the eVisa fee. This rush processing option guarantees that the eTA will be processed and that the applicant receives a response in under 60 minutes.

eTA Application for Germans

FAQs About Canada Visa for German

German passport holders can stay in Canada without a visa for up to 6 months provided they have an approved Electronic Travel Authorization.

The Canadian eTA is mandatory for German citizens arriving in Canada by a commercial or chartered flight.

The eTA confirms a traveler’s eligibility to access Canada and is much quicker and easier to obtain than a traditional visa. The online eTA application takes just a few minutes to complete and processing times are fast.

Germans who wish to stay in Canada for longer than 180 days, or work in the country, need to apply for a Canadian visa.

With an approved Canadian eTA, German citizens can enjoy up to 6 months in Canada for tourism or business purposes.

Although the exact length of time that a foreign national can remain in Canada can vary, most German passport holders are granted the maximum 180-day stay.

Germans can enter Canada multiple times for short stays of up to 6 months using the same approved travel authorization.

Should a German visitor need to stay in Canada for even longer than 180 days they will need to apply for a traditional Canadian visa.

Canada’s eTA is quick to apply for, the online form takes just minutes to complete. Unlike many traditional visa applications, there is no need to present paperwork in person at an embassy or consulate, which saves time.

Canadia eTA processing is also fast. Most requests are reviewed within 24 hours, German travelers are advised to request an eTA at least 1 to 3 business days before departure in case of any complications.

For even speedier processing, Germans can obtain an urgent eTA for Canada. By opting for this service, visitors are guaranteed to receive a decision within 1 hour.

The Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization is multiple-entry which means that Germans can leave and reenter Canada as many times as necessary using the same eTA as long as it remains valid.

This may be particularly convenient for German business people who need to make regular trips to Canada, the eTA is valid for business as well as tourism purposes.

If the German passport to which the eTA is linked expires, no further entries can be made using the visa waiver. In this case, a new eTA must be applied for using the renewed passport.

Each stay in Canada must not exceed the maximum time permitted, in most cases 180 days.