Canada eTA Application for Bruneian Citizens

Apply for eTA from Brunei

Canada has grown to become one of the most visited countries in the world with an average of 900,000 visits each month. Since 2016, officials have implemented a way to facilitate the entry for visitors by providing an easy and simple online application known as Canada eTA, which is available for the citizens of Brunei and other 59 nationalities.

Once approved, visitors can enter the country multiple times in a five-year period and can stay within Canadian borders for as long as six months each time.

Conditions Bruneians Need to Meet When Requesting a Canadian eTA

Nationals from the state of Brunei can apply for a Canadian eTA since 2016, which makes immigration controls at international airports much easier and faster.

Brunei citizens must take into consideration the fact that there are some conditions that need to be met before acquiring a Canadian visa waiver, such as:

  • Being 18 or older to fill in the application form. In the case of a minor, the application should be filled by a parent or legal guardian
  • Have a valid passport with six months validity before the period of travel. The passport must also be an electronic document.
  • The applicant should have no intention of staying longer than the legal period established (maximum six months).
  • The purpose of entering Canada should be a short-term stay for visiting and touring purposes

There are other types of Canadian visas available for those Bruneian citizens who want to enter the country for work, study, a permanent residency or other reasons that would require them to stay for a period longer than 90 days.

Other motives to obtain an in-person Canadian visa, instead of an eTA, are the fact of not having an electronic travel document or passport, or if an eTA application has been rejected in the past.

All the conditions mentioned above can only be applied to those who travel by air. Those passengers who choose to travel by sea or land do not fit into the category and, therefore, are not eligible for a Canadian electronic travel authorization.

Bruneian Nationals Applying for Canada eTravel Authorization: Required Documents

The most important document needed to apply for the waiver visa to enter Canada is a Bruneian electronic passport. This one must have a validity of six months or more before entering Canadian territory.

Applicants from Brunei must also have a valid email address since this is where the applicant will receive their travel authorization and have a credit or debit card to pay the processing fees.

When filling out the application form for the eTA to enter Canada, the person applying will need to complete important information and personal details, which includes fields such as full name, passport details, health conditions, and possible information about criminal records. The information must be clear and always true, on the contrary, the application can be rejected.

It is advised to submit the application form at least 72 hours prior to the date of travel.

Once the application is processed, it will be answered only to the email address given in the form. If approved, the visitor of Brunei can travel to and from Canadian territory multiple times during the following five years after acquiring the eTA Canada or until the passport used expires.

Each entry allows the visitor to stay for a maximum of six months.

Approval of the Canadian eTA does not guarantee entry to Canada during any visit since the final decision upon entry and time of visit will solemnly depend on the border and immigration officials.

Traveling From Brunei to Canada: Important Information

The distance between Canada and the state of Brunei is 12,299 Km, while a flight from Brunei to Canada can take approximately 16 hours on an airplane. The time difference between the two countries is approximately 12 hours, although travelers must take into consideration that Canada has 6 primary times zones.

Flights from Brunei might be destined to two of the main airports in Canada, the Toronto Pearson International airport or the Vancouver International Airport.

Note: Distances in between cities are very extensive in the country, while there are certain Canadian cultural and linguistic aspects to consider. This is important to know before traveling to the country so the Bruneian visitor can prepare his or her trip the best way possible.

Brunei Darussalam Embassy in Canada

The High Commission of Brunei Darussalam in Canada is located in the city of Ottawa, Ontario. The full address is Laurier Avenue East #395 KIN 6R4.

This office is also reachable by phone or e-mail in case of an emergency.

Please, before contacting the embassy, it is advised to read the most common questions made by other travelers planning to visit Canada to solve frequent doubts about the online travel permit.