Canada eTA for Barbadian Nationals

Apply for eTA from Barbados

International arrivals to Canada reached by 2019 a new high of 20.7 million, outpacing the 20 million from previous years and breaking a new record for the country’s tourism.

The Canadian eTA, also known as the Canada Electronic Travel Authorization, is a visa waiver that was implemented in 2015 to strengthen border security and encourage international tourism.

It is a fully digital authorization to enter Canada for visa-exempt nationals. Citizens of Barbados are among them, together with 60 other nationalities around the world.

The Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization allows Barbadian citizens to obtain a permit for short trips to Canada for the following purposes:

The Canadian eTA eliminates completely the need to visit a Canadian embassy or consulate in person to obtain a visa since the process is completed entirely online.

Do Barbadian Citizens Need a Visa for Canada?

Barbadian citizens can enter Canada visa-free but will need to get an eTA. To do so, they must meet the following requirements:

  • The maximum stay allowed is 3 months for each trip
  • The arrival in the country should be by flight, landing at any of the Canadian international airports
  • Barbadian nationals must have a valid and current passport that does not expire earlier than 6 months after the arrival date
  • Applicants of Barbados must have a credit or debit card so they can pay the electronic travel authorization fee

All Barbadian nationals who fulfill the aforementioned eTA Canada requirements will be able to start the application online.

There are other types of Canadian visas available to Barbadian citizens if they want to stay longer or carry out different activities form the ones enlisted for the eTA, like study or work in Canada.

For children under the age of 18, there are specific Canadian eTA requirements for children, which state that Barbadian parents can help them submit their application. For visitors 18 and older, each one must submit an application individually.

It is important to take into consideration that travelers arriving in the country by land or sea will not be permitted to enter Canada with an eTA.

How to Get a Canadian Visa Waiver From Barbados

Barbadian citizens can apply for a Canadian eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) from their home or office by accessing the online application from any electronic device that can connect to the internet.

Applicants of Barbados will be required to provide some personal information, as well as travel, health, and security details throughout the online form.

Before starting the application users must have the following data ready:

  • Full name as it appears on passport and gender
  • Country city and date of birth
  • Passport nationality
  • Occupation information
  • A full address that includes street name and number, city, country, zip code, phone number, and email
  • Passport number, country, issue and expiration date

Once the personal information has been filled, the applicants will be asked a few questions related to security and health, answers must be truthful and accurate since providing wrong information could result in denial or delays.

However, Barbadian passengers should know traveling to Canada with a criminal record is possible if certain conditions are met.

Before submitting the application, a fee must be paid by Barbadians using a debit or credit card.

Processing times for the Canadian eTA from Barbados

After the application has been submitted and paid, the Barbadian traveler will receive an email with the eTA visa waiver within 24 hours, although it is recommended to apply at least 72 hours before the date of departure in case there are delays in the review process.

The eTA is linked to the passport number of the Barbadian holder, so there is no need to print the email of approval. When the visitor of Barbados arrives at the airport in Canada, the immigration officer will scan the passport and the visa waiver information will be already in the system and access to the country will be granted.

Canada eTA for Barbados: Validity & stay length

The Canadian electronic travel authorization is valid for 5 years from the date of approval, allows the holder to stay in the country for as long as 90 consecutive days, and can be used for multiple entries.

Should the passport expire before the eTA, a new visa waiver must be obtained by Barbadian nationals.

Embassy of Barbados in Canada

Barbadian citizens can find 2 consulates of Barbados on the Canadian territory: one located in Toronto, and the other in Montreal.

In these offices, citizens of Barbados will be able to access several consular services with the assistance of an immigration officer, including any issues regarding their passport or situation within the country.

It is very important to consider that it is the border official at the airport who will grant the final permission to enter and determine how long the traveler can remain in Canada.