Canada eTA for the Bahamas Citizens

Apply for eTA as Bahamian

During the last decade, Canada has become one of the most popular destinations for tourism with an impressive eight million visitors each year.

Since 2016, with the approval of the Canadian eTA, Bahamian citizens are required to apply for a Canada visa waiver if they wish to visit the country.

After approval, they will be able to travel in and out of Canada by air travel for a period of five years.

Do Bahamian Citizens Need a Visa to Enter Canada?

The answer is yes, all nationals from the Bahamas who wish to enter Canadian soil need to meet a few simple requirements to opt for a Canadian electronic travel authorization.

The Bahamian applicants must:

  • Be 18 or older. On the contrary, a parent/guardian will need to fill out the application for them
  • Plan to stay in the country for a short period of time (less than six months)
  • Have an electronic passport that can be read by electronic machines at the airport. Without a valid passport, a person cannot apply for a Canadian e-Visa
  • Enter the country by air travel

Canadian eTA Requirements for Bahamian Nationals

Citizens of Bahamian nationality with an eligible passport can apply for a Canadian waiver visa like many other countries, for tourist purposes. They can also apply for different types of Canadian visas, depending on the reason to visit, which include transit, business, work or studies.

The most important requirements that the applicants must meet to fill in the eTA form are:

  • Personal information. This includes full name, date, and country of birth, marital status, occupation, and country of citizenship
  • Electronic passport with six months or more validity
  • Contact information such as an address, phone number, and a valid email
  • Credit or debit card to pay the processing fee

For the approval of the Canadian electronic travel authorization, it is advisable for applicants to submit their forms at least 72 hours prior to the date of travel.

If the purpose of traveling to Canada is other than tourism (i.e., business or studies), Bahamian travelers must apply for a Canadian visa at the embassy.

Health records and criminal records will also be an important part of the application.

Applicants must know that the untruthful answering of the needed information to obtain a Canadian eTA will result in delay or ultimately the denial of the travel permit.

The form should be filled in one person at a time. In the case of minors, the application should be filled in by a legal parent or guardian.

Before submitting all the information, travelers of Bahamas are advised to review the application form carefully, since once summited it cannot be changed.

Bahamians Applying for Canada eTA: What to Do After Submitting the Information

The response will only be given via email. If applicants do not receive any information, they need to check their spam or junk folders.

If approved, Bahamians will receive their visa waiver document, which has a 5-year validity period, in which the applicants can travel in and out of Canada and can stay up to six months at a time. If the passport has an expiry date prior to these five years, it will expire on the same date shown on the passport.

If a person wishes to stay for longer than six months’ time they can ask for an extension of the Canada e-Visa.

Traveling From the Bahamas to Canada: Important Information

The approval of the Canadian electronic travel authorization does not guarantee entry to the country, for which it is the duty of the border patrol officer and immigration patrols to determine if the traveler can enter and for how long they can remain inside the country.

This is why once arrived in Canada, visitors from the Bahamas should follow the customs requirements to avoid any problems.

The distance between Canada and the Bahamas is around 2819 miles (4632 km), while there are four routes to take by air travel from the Bahamas to Canada, all depending on the final destination.

It takes an average of four and a half hours and to travel from Nassau Airport to Toronto International Airport. If passengers are traveling from Nassau Airport to YUL Montreal – Trudeau Airport it will take them up to five and a half hours to arrive.

Although it is not a requirement at the time of entering Canada, it is very advisable to acquire health insurance for the time spent in the country.

Canada is made up of 10 provinces and three territories with a population of 37 million citizens. It is a multicultural country with both English and French speakers. In some parts, such as Quebec, 95% of the population uses French as their native language.

Canada is a grand country with long distances between cities. Temperatures can vary during the year and can reach as low as -20 degrees celsius, while the nation has its own currency (Canadian dollar), which should be considered when budgeting the travel.