Canada ETA Application Questions

ETA application questions

The online Canada eTA application process is quick and convenient. Eligible travellers can obtain the essential permit from home 24 hours a day without having to go to an embassy or consulate.

To make the process as efficient as possible, applicants can familiarize themselves with the questions they are required to answer and have all the relevant information to hand.

Not only will this make completing the Canada eTA application form even faster, but it will also prevent mistakes being made. Any errors made during the application process could cause the Canada eTA request to be denied.

The questions should be answered and the form submitted at least 24 hours before departure.


A biometric passport is one of the Canada eTA requirements. Applicants are asked to provide complete passport details, the information is used to verify the eligibility of an individual to enter Canada.

Travellers must provide information that answers the following questions:

  • Which country issued the passport?
  • What is the passport number printed at the top of the page?
  • When was the passport issued and when does it expire?
  • What is the traveller’s full name (as printed on the passport)?
  • What is the applicant’s date of birth?
  • Is the traveller male or female?

Applicants should take care when completing the form. All the information must be accurate and truthful, any errors, including spelling mistakes, may lead to delays and disrupted travel plans.


After providing all the relevant passport information, travellers are presented with a few background questions.

Firstly, applicants are asked whether they have ever been refused a visa or permit to travel to Canada, denied entry to or ordered to leave the country. If the answer to the question is yes, further details will be requested.

There are questions about criminal convictions: the offence, date, and location of the crime must be stated. It is possible to travel to Canada with a criminal record. Generally, only crimes that suggest the individual poses a threat to Canada will be barred from entering.

Medical and health related Canada eTA questions

Applicants are asked whether they have been diagnosed with tuberculosis, or been in close contact with a person with tuberculosis, in the last 2 years.

There is an additional list of medical conditions, eTA applicants must state whether they have any of the illnesses listed.

People who are suffering from one of the specified medical conditions will not be automatically rejected. Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis with multiple factors taken into consideration.



There are just a few more questions to answer before the request can be submitted for review. These questions can be divided into the following categories:

  • Contact details
  • Employment and marital status
  • Travel plans

Contact details required for the Canada eTA application

Canada eTA applicants must provide an email address. The Canada eTA process is fully online and all correspondence will be sent by email. Also, a notification is sent by email once the electronic travel authorization has been approved, so the address given must be valid and current.

A residential address is also requested.

Questions about employment and marital status

Visitors are asked to select their marital status from several options on a drop-down list.

Required employment details include the occupation, job title, and the name of the company. Workers should also include the year in which they began their current job.

Arrival date and flight information questions

Flight tickets do not need to have been previously purchased in order to apply for the Canada eTA. In fact, overseas visitors are encouraged to apply for the travel authorization well in advance.

However, passengers who do already have a fixed schedule should provide the arrival date and, if known, the flight time when asked.


At the start of the application process, users are asked to state whether they are completing the form on behalf of someone else. All air passengers, including minors, need an eTA to fly to Canada, parents and guardians can fill out the form for children under their care.

Should this be the case, the person responsible for completing the application provides their own details before filling out the rest of the form as explained above.


All Canada eTA questions must be answered accurately and truthfully for the permit to avoid ETA rejections.

Information should be copied exactly as it appears on the passport, errors are common when completing the name fields on the Canada eTA application form. Travellers should resolve any doubts they have before proceeding.

Finally, applicants can make use of the blank field provided to offer any additional information they believe to be relevant. In particular, those people who have previously been denied entry, or who are suffering from any of the listed medical conditions, may wish to add an explanation or further details here.