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Apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization for Canada

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Citizens from several countries can enjoy visa-free access to Canada by applying for a Canada eTA.

The Electronic Travel Authorization system pre-screens overseas visitors to determine their eligibility to enter Canada. The eTA facilitates access to Canada whilst also keeping residents and visitors safe.

Eligible foreign citizens can obtain the essential document by completing and submitting the Canadian eTA application form online.

With an approved eTA, travelers can fly to Canada multiple times for up to 6 months, the permit is valid for 5 years or until the associated passport expires.

Who Can Apply Online for The Canadian ETA?

The eTA application form for Canada is available to citizens of visa-exempt nations. The eTA provides quicker and easier access to Canada for passengers arriving at a Canadian airport.

Passport holders from the following countries can currently obtain the eTA:

Passport holders from countries not included on the above list should apply for the Canada visa that corresponds to their reason for visiting.

How to Apply for the Canada ETA

Eligible travelers are required to complete the eTA Canada application form to be granted access to Canada.

Conveniently, the process is fully online and can be completed from home, 24 hours a day. Applicants do not need to go to a Canadian embassy or consulate to request the eTA.

To meet the Canada eTA requirements and proceed with the request, it is necessary to have a:

  • Biometric passport issued by an eTA-eligible country and valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of arrival
  • Valid debit or credit card to pay the Canada eTA fee
  • Email address to receive eTA application status updates

As the authorization is linked to the passport electronically on approval, individuals with dual nationality must use the same passport to complete the eTA Canada application and travel to the country.

For the same reason, a new eTA application form must be submitted if the passport expires during the permit’s 5-year validity period.

Online eTA Application Process

Getting a Canada visa waiver is easy. After submitting the online Canada eTA application form and receiving eTA approval, the travel authorization is electronically linked to the applicant’s passport and a copy will be sent to the email address provided.

Online application

Complete and Submit the eTA Canadá Application Online

Pay eTA

Pay the eTA Visa Canadá fee with Credir or Debir Card

Receive Visa

Receive Approved Visa by email

Applicants who have dual nationality and want an eTA, must take care to use the same passport to travel to Canada as that used for the eTA application process. When boarding an aircraft to Canada, airline staff will check that the passenger’s passport has a valid eTA Canada attached. If the wrong passport is presented, the traveler will not be permitted to board their flight.


Apply for eTA


Canada ETA Application Questions

To successfully complete the online eTA application form for Canada, travelers are required to provide basic personal information and passport details such as:

  • First and Last name(s) as they appear on the passport
  • Country or territory and city of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Employment information
  • Contact details including email and residential address
  • Passport number and expiry date

Applicants who know the date on which they will arrive in Canada are asked to provide this information. The flight time can also be entered in the case that plane tickets have already been purchased.

All the above information must be filled in correctly, any mistakes or omissions may lead to delayed Canada eTA processing and issues boarding the flight to Canada.

Parents or guardians requesting an eTA on behalf of a minor are prompted to complete their details at the beginning of the form.

Health and security questions on the eTA application form

As the travel authorization has been designed to protect the safety of the public, there are also some additional questions regarding health and security.

Examples of background Canada eTA application questions cover topics including:

  • Previous issues obtaining visas or permits
  • Criminal offenses committed
  • Diagnosis of certain medical conditions

Individuals considered to pose a high epidemic risk, or anyone suspected likely to commit a serious crime in Canada will not be given access.

Canada eTA Application Processing Time

In most cases, Canadian eTA requests are processed quickly. The majority of applicants will receive the approved travel authorization in 20 minutes, although it may take up to 24 hours.

Travelers who need to visit Canada with very short notice can now get an urgent Canada eTA by selecting the ‘Urgent guaranteed processing in less than 1 hour’ when completing the online form.

On approval, the eTA is automatically linked to the biometric chip inside the biometric passport and an email notification is sent.

Foreigners who wish to remain in Canada for longer than 6 consecutive months, or to work, live or study in the country, must apply for a visa. As it takes longer to obtain a visa for Canada, visitors who require this type of permit should begin the process well in advance.



FAQs About Canada ETA Application

As the Canadian eTA has a validity period of 5 years from the approval date, it can be applied for well in advance of traveling to Canada. The entire stay in Canada must fall within this 5-year period in order for the eTA to remain valid throughout the trip.

Although in most cases it is advisable to submit the online application well ahead of time, thanks to fast processing times the eTA can be applied for very close to the departure date.

Travelers should make sure they allow at least the minimum recommended time for the application to be processed, approved and sent via email.

If you are for any reason unable to complete the Electronic Travel Authorization online application form yourself, it is possible to seek assistance from a friend or family member.

When filling in the application form, the friend or family member is required to state that they are doing so on behalf of another person.

Information about the representative may be required, the exact details depend on the age of the eTA applicant.

The person submitting the application form will need to have the required personal details of the candidate to hand in order to complete the process.

No, eligible citizens are required to submit an eTA for Canada application and receive approval before boarding a flight and arriving in the country.

In addition to presenting a copy of the eTA and the corresponding passport at the airport immigration control, travelers are also required to supply proof of sufficient funds to cover the stay in order to gain entry to Canada.

The eTA is only available for those travelers arriving by air in Canada. Travelers entering Canada by sea or land are not required to complete a Canada eTA application form, although they are still required to present acceptable travel documents and identification.

All communication, including regarding the status of the eTA application, will be made by email.

On submission of the form, a reference number will be issued which can be used to track the status of the application. This reference number should be kept safe as it may be required for future correspondence.

Notification of status updates will be sent via email, to the email address provided during the application process. The approved eTA will also be sent by email.

Similarly, in case of any issues with the online application such as missing information, contact will be made via email.

As each application is different, it is not possible to give an exact processing time for the Electronic Travel Authorization. Although in most cases applications are approved within a matter of minutes, others may require longer.

In certain cases further supporting documents may be requested, these documents will need to be supplied within a certain time period in order to avoid delays.

Travelers are advised to apply at least 4 business days prior to departure to avoid disappointment. Contact will be made by email if there are any issues with the application which may result in longer processing times.