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What is the Canada eTA?

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The Canadian eTA was launched on August 2015 by the Government of Canada and it is a mandatory entry requirement to travel to Canada. The Canadian eTA determines the eligibility of people who wish to enter the country for tourism, business, or transit purposes. To be able to visit Canada, foreign visitors must have either a valid eTA or a valid visa. Citizens of 60 countries are exempt from applying for a visa at a consulate or embassy. Nationals of these visa exempt countries are required to obtain the eTA online before traveling to Canada.

The online Canadian eTA is only available to certain nationalities. A citizen of a visa-exempt country is eligible for the electronic travel authorization, eTA. All other travelers must get a Canada travel visa through a Canadian Mission.

Who Needs the ETA for Canada?

Citizens of around 60 countries can complete an online application form to obtain their eTA to travel to Canada. Nationals of these countries and territories can easily and quickly get their official Canadian eTA online after providing some biographical details and their passport data:

Before completing an online eTA Canada application form, each applicant should ensure that they meet the Canadian eTA requirements. Travelers who wish to visit Canada for tourism, business or transit purposes should request for their Canada eTA.

The process of getting a Canadian eTA is fairly simple and straightforward. The applicant can fill out the online eTA questionnaire in a few minutes and pay the respective fee before submitting the application.

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The standard processing time for an eTA is within 24 hours, but those traveling to Canada unexpectedly are now able to get an Urgent Canada eTA in as little as 1 hour through a new rush processing system.

Travel to Canada with the Canadian eTA

The eTA travel authorization for Canada was implemented to better screen travelers from visa exempt countries. Instead of getting a visa for Canada through an embassy or consulate, eligible travelers can complete the online form with their personal details and passport information.

Once approved, the eTA visa  waiver for Canada is valid for a period of 5 consecutive years or until the passport expires. If the passport expires before the 5-year period comes to an end, the traveler will need to get a new Canadian eTA with their new passport. When the eTA is approved by Canada’s immigration system, it is electronically linked to the applicant’s passport.

During the 5-year period, the Canada eTA holder can travel to Canada on multiple occasions, as it is a multiple-entry electronic travel authorization. ETA holders should always respect the stay granted by the immigration department upon entering the country.

The eTA for Canada must be valid upon the time of arrival in Canada and it’s linked to the electronic passport used in the application.